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Is there a muse in each of us? 


Whether you are a mathematician who tinkers with complex equations, a musician who connects contradictory notes, or an entrepreneur who got stuck, the search for inspiration can often steer you in circles. The longer you sit and wait for a revelation to strike, the more difficult it becomes to progress.

What if you could break free by turning to your muse?

We know the muse as the source of inspiration for flamboyant eccentric artists, but how can we get started with her in today's rapidly changing world?

And who do you want to be? Are you the person who wants to get inspired or are you someone who inspires?

Is there a muse in each of us?

In this keynote ianka lets you discover the muse in you and in others. You will learn how to inspire yourself and others. After this keynote, you want to be a muse yourself and have one. 



  • How do you inspire yourself and others

  • Exploring Curiosity and Intrinsic Motivation

  • Enhancing Emotional Intelligence

  • Boosting Creativity

  • Adaptability

  • Stories from art, literature, technology and business


How to fit this keynote into your program?

Motivational keynote 
Duration 45 min. 
Do not hesitate to book this keynote as a way of 'resetting'  your audience attention. This keynote will refresh them, give them new 'brainspace', make them open minded. 

To say it in Monty Python's way: And Now For Something Completely Different!


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What's the secret, the engine to keep you motivated, creative, innovative AND resilient? CURIOSITY


We already entered the age of lifelong learning. But not everyone is ready for this. People lack motivation, are wary of change.

But then COVID-19 shook our world. We lost our grip, started to have doubts, looked for solutions.


How can we keep ourself motivated, our customers? How can we make sure that we are on the right site of innovation? How can we keep our creativity alive and kicking? 


Curiosity is one of humans blessings, but it also gets us into trouble more than often. Curiosity is a powerful motivator, leading us to make important discoveries and explore the unknown. But reality and scientific research shows that our curiosity is sometimes so powerful that it leads us to unintended consequences that have no apparent benefits, even when we have the ability to avoid these outcomes altogether. 

In her keynote ianka explores how we can deal with this double-edged sword. 

How can we unlock our curiosity? 

Because getting people curious again is the solution.
Curiosity puts people into action, and makes them involved and committed. Strengthening the curiosity factor is important on a personal level but also in the workplace. 

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About ianka

Staying curious is ianka's secret and she can tell you how to unlock your inner muse. She manages to reinvent herself professionally time and again and successfully walks new paths in other sectors without losing her individuality. She is often called a 'self-innovator', a 'multi-potentialist' and a 'philomath' (lover of learning)


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